The Trust

True strategic vision goes beyond industry trends and best practices. 
THE TRUST is a guided journey to help you gain unwavering trust in your abilities as an innovative firm leader. 

not your typical advisor coaching program

The financial services industry is full of consultants telling you how to run your practice. What CRM to use, how to price services, how to onboard clients... They want you to believe there is only one path to success. This keeps you endlessly searching for expert answers rather than looking within.  

Stop chasing someone else's roadmap and learn to build and execute your own. 

What if you could stop chasing someone else's roadmap?

When you fully trust yourself, you won't waste time second-guessing.

Build a heart-centered business 

Over 12 sessions, you'll gain techniques to strengthen self-trust so you can pivot offerings and execute plans that get results, no matter where the market goes.

The Trust

So, what is it?


12-session container includes live sessions, video content, and self-directed worksheets tackling the topics to help shift your mindset and your business.

Signature project: you decide what you want to create most in your business and design a project that will get you that result.

Execute your project: learning how to develop your own plan and follow through on that plan until you get your desired result is the most impactful skill you can develop as a business owner. 

Celebrate your wins: learn how to recognize and celebrate the strategic byproducts of stretching yourself to create massive results in your business.

Signature Project

Your signature project is at the heart of this program. 

Design a COI strategy / Strategic Partner Program 
Leveraging AI in your business
Revamping your onboarding process
Increase your execution and follow-through rates
Define your niche 
Crafting a client experience
Downsizing your book of business
Mapping out your succession strategy
Increase your pricing
Build a marketing funnel
Develop a new value add service
Launch an Advisory Board
Decrease your overwhelm
Improve your efficiency
Building a Human-First Team
Revamp your investment process
Create a client communication calendar 

Here's A list of ideas to get you started:

You decide what you want to create most in your business and design a project guaranteed to get you that result. 

Ask yourself, “What is the one thing that would improve my business if I were to figure it out?” 

That’s your project!

That’s what you’re meant to work on for these 12 weeks. 

Anything goes - so dream big!

"Every time I talk to Lindsay she broadens my point of view about the world and my part in it.  I'm expanded and challenged in the best way possible. "


"I've broken through limiting beliefs, and feel empowered to see myself as more, and encouraged to pursue bigger dreams."

Tresa L.

Kind words